In the finest tradition of Norway’s welcoming arms to the world, the Youth Peace Concert 2018 invites artists and youth groups with an understanding of Peace and Climate issues to the International Youth Peace Conference on Climate Change from September 24th to 1st October 2018. Selected artists and groups will be required to  attend some  musical workshops parallel to the conference workshops, work together during the week in producing new music which will be showcased at evening shows, and finally perform at a grand  concert on the closing ceremony together with contemporary artists.


The artists will work on musical collaborative projects and show-case performances every evening in the following format.


CONTINENTAL SHOWS (Mon-Fri evenings)

Monday- Asia & North America

Tuesday- Africa & Europe

Wednesday- Australia, South America & Antarctica

Thursday- Shuffle & pick a surprise continent

Friday- Open night 


MEGA CONCERT  (closing ceremony)

Saturday Evening.

  Headlining Act(s) and the Youth Peace Concert artists.

(DJ Set)